IRSM 41-97 Sheet/Coils

IRSM 41-97 is a weather-resistant structural steel grade developed in India. It is specifically designed to have improved atmospheric corrosion resistance and is often used in outdoor and exposed environments. Here are the details, specifications, mechanical properties, and chemical composition of IRSM 41-97 steel:Enqury on Whatsapp


Chemical Composition (Percentage by Weight):

Carbon (C) Manganese (Mn) Phosphorus (P) Sulfur (S) Silicon (Si) Chromium (Cr) Copper (Cu)
0.12-0.20% 0.45-0.60% 0.07-0.15% 0.03% max 0.25-0.75% 0.35-0.55% 0.20-0.45%

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength (at room temperature) Yield Strength (at room temperature) Elongation (in 50mm Charpy V-Notch Impact Test
480-620 MPa 340 MPa min 20% min 27 J (20 ft-lbf) minimum at -20°C (-4°F)

Typical Properties:

Density Thermal Expansion Electrical Conductivity Poisson’s Ratio Modulus of Elasticity (Young’s Modulus)
7.85 g/cm³ (0.284 lb/in³) 12.5 x 10^(-6)/°C (7 x 10^(-6)/°F) 19-23% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) 0.27-0.30 190-210 GPa (27.5-30.5 x 10^6 psi)

IRSM 41-97 steel is known for its ability to form a protective patina on its surface when exposed to the atmosphere, similar to weathering steel. This natural rust-like patina not only provides corrosion resistance but also gives the material an attractive and weathered appearance.

Applications for IRSM 41-97 steel include:

Railway Rolling Stock: It is used in the manufacturing of railway wagons and other components due to its strength and resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Construction: IRSM 41-97 is suitable for the construction of outdoor structures, bridges, and other architectural elements where exposure to the elements is a concern.

Poles and Light Standards: It is used for utility poles, street lighting standards, and outdoor infrastructure.

Mining Equipment: Some mining equipment and machinery components are made from IRSM 41-97 steel due to its ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Automotive Components: In some cases, it may be used for automotive components, particularly those exposed to outdoor conditions.


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